Kinda Funny at RTX 2018

by kindafunny

We’re headed back to Texas! Here’s where you can find us at RTX 2018!



Thursday, August 2nd


Let’s Play Live at RTX Austin

Location: Austin Convention Center

**special event tickets required**

Let’s Play Live @ RTX is going to be Rooster Teeth’s biggest gaming event of the year!! This Let’s Play Live is available exclusively to RTX Austin 2018 badge holders. Come help us kick-off the best RTX weekend ever with games, laughs, and special guests galore! We’ve got Achievement Hunter, Kinda Funny, Funhaus, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, Game Attack, Sideshow, JT Music and more! This show is going to be bonkers and is only available to RTX Austin 2018 attendees. Get your badge, get your ticket, and get ready for… well, you’ll see… 😉

Friday, August 3rd


Kinda Funny on Center Stage

Location: Center Stage (Level 1), Austin Convention Center


Saturday, August 4th


Kinda Funny Autograph Session

Location: Ballroom A, Booth 3

**Autograph session tickets required**



RT Docs Screening + Q&A

Location: Governor’s Ballroom – Hilton Level 4

Join us as we provide an early preview of our latest RT Doc, “Waiting for the Punchline”! The cast and crew will answer your questions and share stories about the filming process. 


RTX Presents: A Kinda Funny Comedy Night

Location: The North Door

**special event tickets required**

Come join us for a night of stand-up comedy! Hosted by Nick Scarpino, the first ever Kinda Funny Comedy Night will feature some of your favorite talent from Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Kinda Funny, and more! All live, all standing up, all trying to make you laugh harder than that time Greg Miller camped in The Gauntlet: Season 2 proving once and for all he’s not a true champion. Give Nick his belt back, Greg. You’re a coward.


Sunday, August 5th


Kinda Funny: Let’s Eff S Up

Location: Meeting Room 18 (Level 4), Austin Convention Center

Kinda Funny is back for another RTX, and your ass better be at their panel. Why? These guys really hate rules and order. At previous RTXs, they’ve cut Gus open, had fans chanting “Martha!” hoist Greg into the air, and turned off all the lights for a beer-chugging entrance through the crowd to “Enter Sandman.” There’s literally no telling what these guys will do. 


Women of Let’s Play

Location: Ballroom D (Level 4), Austin Convention Center

Witness a moment in RTX history, as the queens of Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Cow Chop, Kinda Funny, and Sugar Pine 7 gather for the inaugural Women of Let’s Play panel. Listen, as they regale you with with stories of their careers and personal lives. Laigh, as they make the dankest jokes you’ve ever heard. Watch, as all other and lesser panelists cower in fear at the sight of these strong ass women. Prepare, to not have your parking validates. We aren’t Wonder Woman. 

There are also community events happening Thursday-Sunday! Click here to see the schedule.