Kinda Funny’s Patreon Platinum Subscription: 2021

by kindafunny

Thank you so much for wanting to support us at the Platinum tier on or Each month, we’ll announce a new physical reward, spend the month gathering fellow Platinum subs, and then ship the reward the following month.


This page will keep you posted on what each reward is and what the status for each reward is.


We’re a small team spinning a lot of plates, so if we get into a month and this hasn’t been updated, please nudge [email protected]


January 2021

Kevin Wick Print Celebrating John Wick In Review

Artist: Rhaign Jiron

Status: Gathering Patrons – Subscribe now at or


2020 Platinum Items – 1/4/21

2020 sucked for a variety of reasons. One of our reasons is that our Platinum item distributors shit the bed.


The Predator poster is the last thing that went out before we had a huge distributor problem.


The Cyberpunk prints (July/Aug/Sept) were unceremoniously cancelled without notice and threw everything into chaos. We reordered, they were printed, and now, they’re in some kinda Printful hell. Joey is on it. Updates when we have them.


That boondoggle held up the Shirtless Spider-Man print (Oct) and the King of Halloween print (Nov). However, they’re locked and loaded. We just wanted to do one HUGE order with the Cyberpunk prints, but if they can’t get their act together today/tomorrow, we’re going to send these without them.


December is officially over, which means the Kinda Funny Christmas Card (Dec) is ready to be printed and mailed. (Remember, we have to wait for a month to wrap before we send that month’s item.)


Meanwhile, the Platinum pins we were going to send every three months, well, COVID put that supplier out of business completely. Over 2020 holiday break, we were able to find a new distributor, and get them sorted. They should be out the door by the end of the week.


So, STATUS on the second half of 2020’s items? Totally fucked by COVID, but we’ve sorted it out and have them prepping/shipping.


It’s Greg here (hi), and I can’t apologize enough for this hassle. You probably know that every year we say “Oh, we’ve got a good solution for physical rewards this time!” and every year something goes wrong. In 2020, we really did have a good solution, it just wasn’t prepared for the extended pandemic.


Give us the month of January to get the screwed up 2020 items out. I’ll keep updating this as I get info. If you don’t have them by February, please email [email protected] and CC [email protected] <3


2020 Outstanding Items:


July/August/September: Cyberpunk Prints by PandaMusk

Status: Received in warehouse, ready for shipping (will start shipping 1/25/20 with Shirtless Spider-Bros and King of Halloween)


October: Shirtless Spider-Bros Photo

Status: Received in warehouse, ready for shipping (will start shipping 1/25/20 with Cyberpunk prints and King of Halloween)


November: King of Halloween Print by VeseniaDesigns

Status: Received in warehouse, ready for shipping (will start shipping 1/25/20 with Cyberpunk prints and Shirtless Spider-Bros)


December: Holiday Cards

Status: Being Printed (will be mailed out with January prints)


2020 Quarterly Pins
Status: all orders have been submitted as of 1/13/2020 and are shipping out