Kinda Funny at PAX West 2018!

by kindafunny

Greg will be at PAX this year, here’s where you can find him!


Friday, August 31st


Wyvern Theater

The Quest for the Perfect Superman Game

**will be hosted on Kinda Funny’s Twitch channel**

Why do Superman games suck? Is it even possible to make a good one? We plunge back in time for an in-depth look at Superman’s many failures and then make our pitches on how to treat The Last Son of Krypton with the truth and justice he deserves in the perfect Superman game.Jared Petty [Host / Producer, Hop, Blip, and a Jump], Greg Miller [Host, Kinda Funny], Kat Bailey [Editor in Chief, USGamer], Cory Barlog [Director, God of War, Sony], Gary Whitta [Host, Kinda Funny], Sydnee Goodman [Host/Producer, IGN]


Saturday, September 1st


Hydra Theater

Kinda Funny’s Inter-Website Video Game Tournament

**will be hosted on Kinda Funny’s Twitch channel**


Kinda Funny got sick of fighting themselves, so they created the Peer Schneider Inter-Site Championship: a travelling trophy to be fought over between all the video game websites and personalities out there. LET’S BRING THE MADNESS TO PAX! Come to this panel and see your faves from around the Internet battle for the cup. How many? Tons. Who? I couldn’t list everyone here. Someone will walk away with this trophy and be able to taunt their friends with it. You don’t want to miss this!

Greg Miller [CEO / Loudmouth, Kinda Funny], Andrea Rene [Busiest Lady in the Business, What’s Good Games], Shaun Bolen [Game Attack Co-Owner / Founder, Game Attack], Kahlief Adams [Owner / Host, Spawn on Me], Mike Mahardy [Video Producer, GameSpot]