Kinda Funny Patch Notes 4.0.1 (is this how patch notes work?)

by kindafunny

Today we had a stream about some updates for you regarding WHOLE bunch of stuff that we announced back in January! If you want to watch the whole stream, you can do so here:

Patreon Update:
We’re VERY VERY excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with Printful for our Platinum rewards moving forward. What does that mean for you?

– Printful lets us print all of our rewards on demand, so we won’t need to wait until the end of the month to figure out how many prints/shirts/etc we need for the month. We’ll be able to send out all of our rewards on a MUCH faster schedule.
– Printful is also great because they’ll house and send out any custom projects for the month (ie. anything that’s signed) so those should be able to go out faster as well!
– They have both a US and UK distribution center, which is great for UK patrons specifically- no more import taxes and fees upon delivery!
– Printful uses the same Bella and Canvas shirts that we used for the January shirt and all of our Rooster Teeth merch in a slightly expanded size range of XS-4XL.
– Going forward new Platinum item will be announced on on the first of each month!

The Morning Show Lineup:
– Almost done with Game of Thrones in Review
– Once Game of Thrones in Review is over, We Have Cool Friends will take its Monday slot and Internet Explorerz will stay on Thursdays.
– We Have Cool Friends starts on Monday, May 27
– The goal for We Have Cool Friends is always to record live, like all our other morning shows BUT due to the nature of getting guests in the studio and managing schedules, it’ll probably be pre-recorded more often than any other show in the lineup. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Patreon for the “Friend Zone” segment where you’ll get to ask our guests questions!
– In case you missed it, here’s the summer line up for In Review:

  • Detective Pikachu
  • Aladdin (original animated vs live action)
  • Toy Story (1, 2, and 3 leading up to 4’s release)
  • Lion King In Review (original animated vs live action)
  • We’ll also be returning to complete some of our previous In Review series with Spider-Man Far From Home, Dark Phoenix, and Hobbs and Shaw

Let’s talk about the seasonal content line up
–  WWE In Review has been going monthly (Elimination Chamber, Fastlane, Wrestlemania) with Cool Greg and James and will continue on
– Love & Sex Stuff is all live
– Cooking With Greggy is currently releasing
– Nick Names is all shot and edited and will start going live May 18th (full season drop on May 18th on both Patreons for patrons of all levels)
– Oreo Oration is all shot and being edited (full season will drop on both Patreons for patrons of all levels prior to YouTube release)

– PSVR Show has started being shot and will start going live. We’re changing the format of the show a bit so it’ll have a discussion aspect and b roll instead of a let’s play.

  • We will be doing live recordings for these for patrons on the dates below. We’ll update with the games we’ll be talking about prior to our first shooting date.
  • Dates
  1. 6/19 –
  2. 6/26 –
  3. 7/10 –
  4. 7/17 –
  5. 7/24 –
  6. 7/31-
  7. 8/7 –
  8. 8/14 –

-Love, Sex, and Stuff is a life advice show with Tim and Nick, will be shot in June and start going live July
-Party Mode IRL will shoot and start rolling out in August

– Our first time doing standup is live!
– We looked into legally changing Cool Greg’s name, but unfortunately due to his legal situation it is not allowed
– Persona 5 Spoilercast is shot, edited, going live on Patreon this Friday, YouTube/podcast services Saturday
– The E3 Kinda Funny Games Showcase IS happening on June 10th at 4:30PM on
– Kinda Funny Prom: The Video will debut on June 30th
– We are pushing the Kinda Funny World Championship PPV to October. We want to make it a BIG deal and actually make it feel like a produced event and not just us playing games. Even though we’re calling it a PPV it will NOT cost money (PPV in the wrestling world just means it’s a bigger deal than normal weekly shows)
– We chose our 2 Up and Comers: Blessing Adeoye Jr. (@BlessingJr) and Chloe (@Echochlo)!!! They will each be coming through for a whole week this year to make content (Chloe in August, Blessing in September)

Kinda Funny Meet and Greet World Tour:
– Meet and greets in Arizona, San Francisco, Kansas City, New York, and Vancouver are all done!
– BTS Vlog series for all of those are live now, except Vancouver which will come out Saturday, June 1st
– The Entire Kinda Funny Team will be at RTX Austin 2019 and will be doing another KF Comedy Showcase
– FLORIDA! Greg and Tim will be there May 21-23 for Full Sail Hall of Fame Week. Details incoming
– London Meet and Greet will be on Saturday November 23rd, tickets go up June 3rd 9AM PT. 300 free tickets will be available. Link for tickets will be tweeted out from the Kinda Funny Twitter account

This is just the TL;DR version. If you wanna watch the whole stream where we talk more in depth about everything and answer chat questions, you can watch the Twitch highlight here: