Kinda Funny Events 2019

by kindafunny

Wondering if the Kinda Funny crew is coming to your neck of the woods? Here are our upcoming conventions and events!


PAX West

August 30 – September 1

Seattle, Washington


Guild Wars 2 – Living World panel
Friday, August 30th
Moore Theatre – 1932 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA
(panel will be streamed & hosted on our Twitch channel)

It’s almost time for you to set out on your next adventure. Are you ready to catch the very first look at an all-new chapter in Guild Wars 2‘s Living World story?

Attendance is first come, first served, with no entry fee or ticket required. Grab your seat early—the first five hundred attendees will get a Guild Wars 2 swag bag with fun surprises inside. We’ll see you there!


The Kinda Funny Games Showcase: PAX Edition
Friday, August 30th
Raven Theatre
(panel will be streamed & hosted on our Twitch channel)

In a six-month time frame, Kinda Funny’s gone from a bunch of idiots talking about video games on the Internet to a bunch of idiots creating video game press conferences on the Internet. The message has been simple: let’s use our platform to elevate games you need to know about, and so far, more than 120 games have answered the call. For PAX, let’s face it: you won’t have time to see all the games. So in this panel, Greg Miller will handpick eight games (or so) to show you in an hour long panel. We’ll do demos, chat with the devs, do some giveaways, and (hopefully) have ONE. MORE. THING.


Kinda Funny’s Inter-Website Video Game Tournament 2019
Saturday, August 31st
Raven Theatre
(panel will be streamed & hosted on our Twitch channel)

Last year, 24 champions from all corners of video games (IGN, Giant Bomb, Twitch, etc.) came together to battle for the Peer Schneider Inter-Site Championship Cup in the first ever Kinda Funny Inter-Website Video Game Tournament. This year, we’re doing it again. Will YouTube’s Alex Rubens retain his title? Is Alex even going to PAX? I don’t know, but I will find out and have a bunch of your favorites from various podcasts on one panel to play for your approval!




London Meet and Greet
Date: November 23rd
300 Tickets Available June 3rd at 9am PT