Kinda Funny at EGLX!

by kindafunny

Hang out with Greg and Nick at EGLX!


Saturday, October 27th


Bell Main Stage, Hall D

Party Mode: Fortnite with Kinda Funny

Where are Greg Miller and Nick Scarpino dropping, y’all?! Find out in this Fortnite extravaganza as the boys see if they can get one Victory Royale for the day. Are they great at the game? Nah, but they sure are entertaining. Members of the crowd will be invited to join the duo on stage as they battle their way for a Victory Royale.



Sunday, October 28th

Bell Main Stage, Hall D

Kinda Funny Takes on Toronto

For the first time ever, Kinda Funny’s doing a panel in Canada. What’s that mean? Well, Greg’s gonna take his shirt off, Nick’s gonna say something inappropriate, and there’s a high likelihood that someone’s going to shut it down mid-panel. History seems to repeat itself with these guys.


Location: TBA

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