About Kinda Funny

Nerd culture and humor. It’s a perfect mixture. And it’s somewhere within the venn diagram of the two that Kinda Funny exists. Kinda Funny -- run by five friends out of San Francisco -- is made up of video game industry veterans who all left their cushy day jobs at the world’s biggest gaming website to strike out on their own. Founded in September of 2014 (and the boys’ full time day jobs as of January 2015), Kinda Funny has grown by leaps and bounds, all thanks to a dedicated audience of “Best Friends” who consume copious amounts of content, all the while helping to fund the operation and making it a reality.

Do you like insane conversations about completely random topics, including comics, movies, and more? Kinda Funny’s flagship podcast, The GameOverGreggy Show, just might be for you. If gaming is more your speed, The Kinda Funny Gamescast may just be up your alley (along with PS I Love You XOXO, the Internet’s #1 PlayStation podcast). Kinda Funny Morning Show lights up Twitch each and every weekday at 11am PT with the nerdy news of the day, while Love & Sex Stuff pioneers a new form of relationship advice weekly on YouTube. Podcasts. YouTube shows. Live streams. Kinda Funny is all about fusing its love of gaming and nerd culture with those steadfast forms of Internet entertainment. We hope you enjoy the ride.

Greg Miller

Greg hails from the suburb of Chicago known as Glen Ellyn, a cold and desolate place sustained only by the consumption of chicken wings, engaging in backyard wrestling, and copious SEGA Genesis playing. It’s no surprise, then, that Greg emerged from Glen Ellyn with those interests in his heart. (In addition, he really likes Superman, and has developed this strange fascination with cooking every recipe in Rachael Ray’s monthly magazine. Seriously.)

With a journalism degree from Mizzou in hand and an aging weiner dog named Portillo by his side, Greg worked at IGN.com for nearly nine years before quitting and taking the reins of Kinda Funny as its portly CEO. These days, you can find him co-hosting Kinda Funny mainstays The GameOverGreggy Show, The Kinda Funny Gamescast, PS I Love You XOXO, and Kinda Funny Morning Show. You can also find him shamelessly begging you to vote for him in various competitions he’s been entered into on Twitter.

Colin Moriarty

Did you ever wonder why Colin says really bizarre things sometimes? Well, he grew up playing goalie in ice hockey, and undoubtedly suffered a number of head injuries, so that should pretty much explain everything. But perhaps most importantly, Colin grew up playing video games. A metric shit ton of them. And he wants to talk to you about them. Oh, and if you didn’t know Colin hails from Long Island, he’ll remind you every day for the rest of your life.

Colin attended Northeastern University and majored in American history, and worked for IGN after college for nearly eight years. He parted ways with the companies with his three friends to partake in Kinda Funny full time, and often wonders what his life would have been like if he just went to grad school instead. While he thinks about that, you can find him co-hosting The GameOverGreggy Show, The Kinda Funny Gamescast, PS I Love You XOXO, Colin Was Right, and Kinda Funny Morning Show.

Nick Scarpino

All Nick ever wanted to do was make movies. What he had to settle for instead was making Internet videos with his stupid friends. But Nick is content. He’s the only member of Kinda Funny who’s married, so he kind of has to be. That’s his ceiling. But Nick still harbors that dream of making a movie one day. If only he could get away from the guys who convinced him to quit his job of 10 years just so he could hang out with them. You never know. Maybe one day.

With a film degree from UC Irvine and an insatiable appetite for Taco Bell (and sometimes Del Taco), Nick is the backbone of Kinda Funny and the glue that keeps it all together. Seriously. No one would get paid or have health insurance if not for him. Nick is also the reason we need to consider editing things out of every podcast we’ve ever recorded. When he’s not taking care of business behind-the-scenes, you can find him co-hosting The GameOverGreggy Show and Love & Sex Stuff.

Tim Gettys

It wouldn’t be right for Kinda Funny to call San Francisco home without having a Bay Area native in the ranks. And that’s what Tim Gettys is. A hella-hurling San Francisco born-and- raised resident who injects his youthful energy into every conversation. Born in 2006, Tim’s first gaming console was the Nintendo Wii, and his mission in life is to make Nick feel as old as humanly possible on a daily basis. And trust us, it works, much to Nick’s chagrin.

Then again, Kinda Funny wouldn’t be Kinda Funny without Tim. In the group of four company co-founders, Tim was the only one who actually understood anything that was actually going on around them in terms of YouTube, podcasting, and all of the other things the kids are doing these days. Oh, and you can find him co-hosting The GameOverGreggy Show, The Kinda Funny Gamescast, and Love & Sex Stuff.

Kevin Coello

Kevin was the very first full-time hire the co-founders made after Kinda Funny launched. And what a hire he’s been. When he’s not accidentally unplugging the computer we’re using to stream or tripping over something and nearly falling through a wall like a Peruvian Kool-Aid Man, he’s working extremely hard. And that’s what we love most about him. Kevin is what gets us up in the morning. Because if we didn’t, we’re afraid he’d find a way to maim himself before the end of the day.

Fun fact: Did you know Kevin majored in biology in college? That’s right. Kevin’s actually the smartest person in the company, which is why the co-founders give him endless streams of shit in order to distract you from that fact. It’s this scientific education that has given him all the knowledge he needs to point a camera at four people sitting at a table and editing videos in Premiere.

James Schuler

Even though he's the newest member of the Kinda Funny team, James' resume is stupidly impressive. He started his first company at age 17, earning him a spot in both Y-Combinator (as one of their youngest entrepreneurs ever) and the Thiel 20 Under 20 Fellowship. He is now the co-founder and CEO of Atlas Money, a mobile money startup providing financial services to the developing world. Did we mention he's still barely old enough to legally drink?

Even though his day job revolves around running a team of some 20 people, for some crazy reason he decided to also be Kinda Funny's CTO in his spare time. Go figure. Somehow, in between all of that, James also finds the time to be an incredibly talented musician, a nationally ranked pole vaulter, and an avid video game player (sorry ladies, he's taken). Since James is still living in New York doing his super impressive, real-world things, we can't give you any funny quips about his daily antics (e-mail conversations don't make the best stories), but he did build this whole site for us, so I guess we'll keep him. P.S. He's the guy you should go to with any thoughts, concerns, questions, complaints, ultimatums, rants, tears, or really pretty much anything at all.